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The software will take data recorded through automated employee time clocks or an application and save it to a local or cloud hosted server.

Administration can access: Audit, Employees, and Employees Data reports

Payroll Reports: Leave Report, Payroll Summary, Average Hours Report, Time Sheet Report and Productivity Summary.

Management: Clocking Report, Exceptions Report, and Who’s In Report.

We integrate directly with your favourite payroll software. Currently, we integrate with 20+ payroll systems: Click here for more information.

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and Apple Pay. We also accept payment via bank transfer for annual licence fees or subscriptions. For more details, please contact accounts@aussisetimesheets.com.au

Cloud is available via internet and allows the users to access the data from any location. Users pay for the services they use. Dedicated servers are physical servers and you have the entire server for your own web portal.

Workforce TNA is priced per 100 employees. If you wish to increase your employee count and add more employees please write to sales@aussietime.com.au or call 1300 309 339 and we will assist you with the purchase.

Server: Windows Server 2012 or above / SQL Server/Express 2014 or above

Processor: Intel/Compatible processor with a minimum speed of 2 GHz or a faster processor

RAM: Minimum 8GB

Hard Disk Space: 10GB of HDD free

IIS: IIS7 or higher

.NET Framework: 4.5 or higher

*Minimum requirements for up to 100 employees and 5 time clocks connected to Workforce TNA. Please contact our technical support if you require specifications for a larger number of employees and/or time clocks.

Our support team is available 8.30 am – 5 pm AEST Monday through Friday to assist you. Visit our Support Center to contact us or email support@aussietimesheets.com.au

You can create an unlimited number of logins to access Workforce TNA. Managers and supervisors are setup with different permissions to access certain teams or functions within the application. Each user login can be defined to access certain Departments, Locations and various functions and abilities.

Unlimited, Workforce TNA is licensed per 100 employees profiles and technical support is priced per 100 employees.

Employees can request leave from MY Workforce TNA App or from the web portal from there when the leave has been approved it is reflected on their timesheet and leave calendar.

Yes, Workforce TNA has a setting to enable Two Factor Authentication and Force Two Factor Authentication. This can be enabled for all users and employees of the software.

Yes, please see the full range at aussietimesheets.com.au

YES, My Workforce TNA is free for employee to download from the App Store for Apple and the Play Store for Android.

Yes, an SDN certificate is included in the initial price of Workforce and is billed annually on going   

Yes, Workforce TNA can calculate multiple accruals. These accruals will be what is required by your employees enterprise bargaining agreement. Multiple accruals can be calculated including RDO’s, TIL’s, TOIL’s and ADO’s. The data is then easily exported to your payroll system ready to run payroll. Click Here for more information on how accruals are calculated.

Yes, allocating an employee to a night shift.

Yes, Workforce is design for businesses with multiple locations to access data from any location with network coverage. 

Yes, supervisor and administrators receive direct notifications if an employee has not clocked on or off their scheduled hours.

Yes, we integrate with 30+ popular payroll systems via a simple export/import.

Yes, Workforce TNA can calculate multiple overtime rates with daily overtime calculations available.

Yes, loadings can be tricky and it is important to thoroughly check with the employees’ award or contract agreement. The most popular type of loading is a casual loading and annual leave loading. Click Here for more Information.

Yes, our ATS range of time clocks have offline clocking capabilities and store the data in the internal memory of the clock. My Workforce TNA has offline clocking and will cache the times logged while offline and then automatically upload the time to Workforce TNA software when the employees’ phone is back online.

Yes, we can setup scheduled reports to be emailed out on a daily or weekly basis.

Yes we offer additional employee licenses to easily add more employee to your Workforce TNA application. We offer additional 50 or 100 employee licencesContact our friendly sales team for a quote. 

Yes, employee timesheets can be edited and modified with all changes being logged on an audit report.

 Yes, Workforce TNA manages multiple clocks in one or many locations.  *Minimum requirements for up to 5 time clocks connected to Workforce TNA. Please contact our technical support if you require specifications for a larger number of employees and/or time clocks. 

Yes, supervisors and department managers can be given access to their own employee timesheets for editing and approvals.

Yes! Your employee can use the My Workforce App to apply for leave and access live leave balances.

Yes, our clocks are RCM compliant and have been tested to meet Australian EMC standards.