Suits both your budget and your system requirements.

Workforce TNA gives you the ability to choose an implementation that suits both your budget and your system requirements. 


Local hosting on-premise using your existing I.T infrastructure 

Already have robust I.T infrastructure in place?  Save on implementation costs with our locally hosted option.  A local web server and database server could be installed to your current environment, without the need for any hosting fees.  Workforce TNA is then totally self-contained within your infrastructure. 

Key Features

  • Reduced implementation costs by utilizing existing infrastructure 
  • All your data is kept on your local servers 
  • All clock and application data will then be solely transmitted across your local network
    (My Workforce TNA phone apps would communicate data securely over the internet) 

Cloud hosting in Australian datacentres using Microsoft Azure 

Affordable cloud hosting is a great option when you have no local servers available.  Workforce TNA is implemented to a dedicated server in the Microsoft Azure environment within Australian datacentres.  Cloud hosting gives you fast implementation that can scale with your business, with the ability to add additional cloud servers or increased database power if required. 

Key Features

  • Fast implementation to the cloud 
  • All data is kept within Australia using Microsoft Azure Australian datacentres 
  • No upkeep on local I.T infrastructure or maintenance on local servers 
  • Scalability with additional cloud resources available if required 
  • Automated data backups to secondary Australian datacentres included 

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