Top 3 Employee Clocking Methods for your Workforce

8 May, 2020

Employee Clocking Methods for your Workforce

Have you been searching for an employee clocking system for your business? Your workforce may need all different methods of clocking in and out for work. We’ve made it easy for employees to record work hours using time clocks, smartphone application or a web portal. All times logged are automatically recorded and sent back to your Workforce management system.   

So what employee clocking methods are available with Workforce TNA?  

1. Employee Time Clocks

Our employee time clock options include proximity card time clocks using an RFID card or tag employee waive it past the clock, which records their time. Biometric time clocks can help to eliminate employee buddy punching. Our fingerprint time clock relies on unique identifying points of the employee fingerprint. The clock is quick and easy for an employee to use and great for office, retail, cleaning, tourism and transport industries. The face scan time clock features live detection making it completely contactless perfect for manufacturing or farming industry that leave fingerprint worn.   

All our employee time clocks have an optional pin code back up that employees can use, but only if needed.   

2. Employee App Clocking  

Your employees will love My Workforce TNA app for Android and Apple users. Employees can log in at any time and check their timesheets, hours they’ve worked, request leave and upload any documents that may be required. Employees can also approve their timesheets for the pay period. App clocking ticks all the boxes for employees who are working on a building or job site, sales representatives that are working on the road and remote employees. Employees can use the app wherever they might be starting or finishing work.     

The employee app also works offline, times logged are cached when the app has no network coverage and then is uploaded when the employee is back online.  

3. Employee Self Web Portal  

If your employees work from their pc or laptop, why not implement web portal clocking. It is easy and convenient for an employee already in front of a pc. The Workforce TNA employee self-service portal enables employees to log in at any time, check their timesheets, hours they’ve worked and upload any documents that may be required. The web portal can also be enabled to open as sons as the employee’s pc starts up, so they will never forget to log in for work.   

The web portal also includes employee leave requests! No more paper leave applications that often get misplaced. Your employees can request any leave type and check the status of their request.   

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